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Mission Statement

Inspire Build Motivate Inc. models moral and ethical behavior, applying positive changes implicit in community enhancement and “Let’s Faith conquer all Fears.” We are a forever growing team and family dedicated to the success of our counterparts as much as ourselves. Our programs provide quality information and services that grow, improve, and build skills increasing the quality of life in communities nationwide.

Flagship Project

Growth by Choice® “The Movement” is Inspire Build Motivate’s mission. Our vision of enhancing the quality of life in communities nationwide, bridging the spiritual gap, and creating generational wealth for all our families is circumference by “The Movement.” Growth by Choice “The Movement” is outlined by programs to be launched over a ten-year process. Each project directly aligned with the previous. The first project is our Growth S.P.U.R.T. Program.

Growth SPURT Program

The “Growth S.P.U.R.T.” Program’s purpose is to create mentors, service providers, and business owners. SPURT is an acronym for Success Principle Understanding Reformative Training. This program is a systematic progression of courses over 24 months that train life-enhancing skills that enable participants to grow into productive members of society. The three stages of this project are discovery, development, and formulation. The trainees that decide to be mentors with Inspire Build Motivate will assist in the next project, The Power of Choice (After-School) Program.

Power of Choice Program

The “Power of Choice” project our after school program. We will be accepting grades third through twelfth. This program runs in eight-week cycles from after school until 7:30 pm. Tutoring and homework help is one of the primary objectives we will spend the first part of the class on this. The second part will have worksheets and discussion on the weekly set of courses. The curriculum focuses on proper decision making, nutrition and health, having huge dreams, goal setting and positive mental attitude. Parents are encouraged to attend and participate. The next project is for the adults; our “H.M.G. Free” Program.

H.M.G. Free Program

The H.M.G. Free Program inaugural date is projected between 2024 and 2027 for ages 27 and up. H.M.G. is an acronym for Help Me Get, making this the Help Me Get Free Program. This program will mirror our Growth Spurt program with the needed adjustments for the age group.

Father Revived & Mothers Remade

The future projects of Growth by Choice® “The Movement” will be “Fathers Revived” and “Mothers Remade” Project. This project is going to help parents reconnect with their children and children to their parents. Also, this program will work with parents to help eliminate debt, establish credit, and catch up on any child support arrears.